Oil Fracking

Oil Fracking Pond Protection

Waterfowl landing in cyanide or sulfuric acid leach ponds is a serious environmental concern. Waterfowl are naturally drawn to the reflection of light off of water bodies and can land in any pond regardless of where or how long it has been established. USDA Wildlife Service studies have shown that by reducing aerial visibility to ponds, waterfowl will not be attracted to the water. The Saturn Disc provides a 99% total eclipsing of the sun covering ponds of any size. The stealth designed interlocking discs float in an extremely stable configuration. High winds passing over the Saturn Disc actually contribute to the stable placement of the floats on the pond preventing them from stacking up. The current wind resistance record for the H2OCTEC hexagon Saturn Disc is 92.6 mph in Nevada. They are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material with a strong UV inhibitor providing over 15 years of dependable service even in harsh sunlight. This is well past the life of most leach pond operations.